Nice pants (2019-03-21)
Really unique pants. Only drawback is that the straps that replace a fly button keep slipping; you have to fold it over to make it stay.

Hoffmann - US
Super (2019-01-20)
all received and very pleased with my purchase which was well packaged and arrived in very quick time.

Stanford - AU
Bombay Bloomers (2015-10-04)
3 years ago i got a pair for me and a pair for my mate ...our wives hate them !!! in fact the sheilas generally run screaming when they see us wearing what are probably THE WORST military gear ever designed by any a
rmy anywhere !! We wear them at Napiers 1930s themed Art Deco Wkd..lots of blokes want a pair because they are so ANTI-fashion and totally uncool !!! please put them back into production !!!

mark - new zealand

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