British Brodie (2014-11-26)
This is a very good reproduction and compares well to my original Brodie(even as to paint texture).The only significant difference was the top of the liner .My original has a white/grey felt pad which covers the fibre part of the liner and no rubber ring at the top of the liner.It is this "rubber ring" (actually a piece of flexible fuel hose on the repro) which makes the helmet sit high on the head. With a bit of keyhole surgery however this can be removed.Gently lift the liner pad until the green cotton cover is revealed.It is this pocket which contains the rubber ring. Cut a few stitches (I used a dentist''s tool) and gently pull out the rubber hose. Replace the liner and hey presto you now have repro which is even closer to the original and which fits low on the head! -as usual,very quick delivery.

Paul - England
Great WWI helmet (2014-09-24)
Looks fantastic. Fast Shipping. I would suggest ordering a size larger. I wear a 7 1/4 and it sits a little high and tight on my head. But otherwise a great product for you Tommy or Doughboy reenactors.

Small - US
Musuem Spec (2014-08-14)
Could not be happier...

Bingham - US

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